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Koala Fires, "Observers (DJ Empirical remix)"

<a href="http://koalafires.bandcamp.com/track/observers-dj-empirical-remix">Observers (DJ Empirical Remix) by Koala Fires</a>


A few months ago Kendall & Matt of Koala Fires asked me whether I'd like to remix one of their tunes for a remix album, and (of course) I accepted.

The above is the finished version of my remix, and will be is available on their bandcamp page when it's released. You can hear (and purchase!) the original version of the above tune there as well, or click the play button below:

<a href="http://koalafires.bandcamp.com/album/the-beeping-in-our-hearts">Observers by Koala Fires</a>


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