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DJ Empirical, 3-3-2 Mix Test Run

download: DJ Empirical, 3-3-2 Mix Test Run
28 jan 2009

I discovered a great mix by Wayne and Wax, an early entry in the "Blogariddims" podcast, called "Another Crunk Geneaology". His mix "traces out another crunk genealogy, seeking the common grooves and feedback loops between crunk and clave, reggaeton and ragtime, bhangra and bounce, to name a few". Check his lengthy explanation of the 3-3-2 beat, its influence on music, and definitely listen to his mix.

This appealed to me not only as a music nerd, but also as a dj, since I'd been mixing music with this beat for a while -- I just didn't have the proper music knowledge to identify the common element.

I spent a couple days pulling together music that uses that 3-3-2 pattern for a mix, and did a short (~18 min) test run, with a sort of random track list.

This was mostly a proof-of-concept, so there are some tracks of questionable bitrate, and lots of pitch-shift aliasing to deal with, for sure. (Then again, Ludachrist has Ableton aliasing all over his mix.)


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