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DJ Empirical, Mix for Fashion Show (2004-08-28)

download: DJ Empirical, Mix for Fashion Show, Part 1 2 3
28 aug 2004

This was a mix done in Sony Acid for a fashion show in downtown Cincinnati. I would have just done a live mix, but they wanted literally a different song for every girl/outfit (about 45 seconds each), and wanted things to gradually speed up over the course of the show. That would have been well beyond my means in those pre-Serato days, so I spent some time doing it all in advance. There were to be three catwalk segments of 15 minutes each, thus the three parts. Each time you hear a new song, imagine a new girl walking out.

Sorry, no track list on this one. The music is a good mix of stuff, from house music to 80s dance, with quite a few stops in between.


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