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DJ Empirical, Live at the Plagiarhythm Nation 2.0 release Party (2003-05-17)

DJ Empirical, Live at the Plagiarhythm Nation 2.0 release Party, Part 1 2 3
17 may 2003

Plagiarhythm Nation Release Party Flyer (2003)In 2003, The Evolution Control Committee invited me to Columbus, OH, to perform at the release party for Plagiarhythm Nation, 2.0, which was coming out on Seeland Records. I provided interstitial music, so there are three parts here.

Also on the bill were Grand Buffet, The Stutter Brothers, and (of course) The Evolution Control Committee.

From my blog post at the time:

The Stutter Brothers are Rocky Stutter and Scotty Stutter. Their tunes were hip-hop styled, with Rocky Stutter (a.k.a. Beingeneric) improvising on the mic. I would say that he was free styling, but it had less of a "look at me rock the mic i'm cool" vibe than a "check this out!" kind of feel (does that make sense?) Anyway, they were very cool.

Grand Buffet did the hip-hop thing to a T, without getting any of the stupid thug shit mixed in. Check out their website; get their cds. They rock!

The Evolution Control Committee -- what else is there to be said about this group? The Thimbletron is amazing, and that same thimbletronic technology is being used to develop the kitchen of the future. Evidence of this: DJ Empirical performed the Toaster of the Future during the ECC's performance of "Breakfast". Incredible!

NOTE: part one has a very HOT (as in, loud) microphone come in about six minutes in, as Eric Alleman (who was also performing that night as half of The Stutter Brothers) makes a quick announcement. Also, part three has a considerably louder volume level than the other two parts.

Sorry, no track list on this one. This has quite a few of my set staples at the time, which was far more mash-up oriented.


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