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Additional Tracks of Questionable Quality

Being a packrat, even of the digital, I feel I must include everything I've got knocking about on the old hard drives, despite the fact that some of it belies an embarrassing lack of skill or knowledge of audio techniques.

Here, then, is a final section including some of those things. Many are old, and most are of only slight interest, but as I said, I am a packrat.

DJ Empirical, short techno set, live at C&D, Cincinnati, 2009-09-11

Recently KFrey and I were the only two Pris members on the bill for our monthly night at C&D, and I managed to record some of it.

I still haven't gotten through all the audio to see what I can really make available (naturally, I had loads of technical difficulties), but here's a bit of a short (~23 mins) techno set I did at the beginning of the night. Regrettably, there's some kind of weird hum-like sound in there; just try to ignore it.

Pimpdaddysupreme, "MFicecream (Donald Spivak's MFremix)"

Here's a classic example of turd-polishing.

Pimpdaddysupreme had an a cappella of probably improvised ice-cream-related inanity by someone who was clearly not a singer. Or a lyricist.

Anyway, PDS shared the a cappella and asked for remixes. This is what I came up with in the couple hours I worked on it. It's 808-tastic, and has way too much reverb on it -- but that's not what you'll focus on, I imagine.

2 Skinnee J's "BBQ (Quahogs mix)"

This is a pretty amateurish (read: not very good) remix I did in the year 2000 of my friends, 2 Skinnee J's. The levels are all over the place, and the drum sounds are right out of Hammerhead or whatever i was using to build loops back then.

I do like it in some ways, though. I mixed three separate versions of the song together, resulting in "duets" between J Slim and J Guevara (who were never in the band at the same time) and between J Wheatthin and Special J, the same guy under different names years apart.

This is probably for 2SJ fans only, and maybe not even for them. :D

Beck, "Mixed Bizness (Quahogs mix)"

Here's another remix from the year 2000, this one for one of the earliest remix contests I remember seeing. It's way better than the 2 Skinnee J's one I did, but still nowhere near awesome. again, the levels are all over the place, and this one stylistically goes from place to place without much connecting the parts. I hadn't heard the original at the time, which is just fine, as I'm not sure it would have made much difference.

This was probably the first time I did the vocal micro0edits that I love to do today.

And yes, that's an Insane Clown Posse sample at the end: "Leave 'em standing there lookin' stupid like Beck." ;)

Krimson Project, "Raise Your Hands (Quahogs' Accidental Glitch mix)"

This is the by-product of ripping a disc that's dying. It wasn't scratchy, really, but it was quite cloudy. When I ripped the cd, the next track on the disc (and all following tracks) failed completely. This one must have been the "sweet spot" between the good tracks and the failures.

It's not an awesome track or anything; the original track is fairly standard dumb 90s euro-dance, so there wasn't much to work with. :) This glitchy mix has a couple interesting parts, but many chunks are untouched.


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